[csaa-forum] top 10 Australian websites/blogs of all time?

Gerard Goggin g.goggin at uq.edu.au
Wed Feb 9 09:37:04 CST 2005

(apologies for x-posting)

Hi all,

I'm writing an introductory piece on the Internet in Australia for 
the textbook 'Media & Communications in Australia', and wondered if I 
might solicit people's views on:

1) the top 10 Australian websites of all time;
2) the top 10 Australian blogs of all time.

Or failing that, suggestions for websites that people feel that are 
significant in the annals of Australian Internet :-)

If you have suggestions, pls email me off-list, and I'll do a compile.

Many thanks,

Gerard Goggin
Dr Gerard Goggin
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Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
University of Queensland, Brisbane 4072 Qld Australia
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