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Jason - please do not try to dissuade me from my mission. I am the 
Cultural Terminator. I (and many others) have been annointed by Mr Bolt. 
Ask yourself how many weirdo foreigners get their novels published in 
English. Havent a few of these weirdos even won the Booker Prize? Have 
you understood nothing about the scourge of political correctness?

Please try to understand the crisis neoconservative commentators are 
struggling alert us to. And be a little bit more sensitive to their 
marginalised position. What's their platform? Sure they pretty much 
dominate the opinion pages of the Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald, 
every Murdoch paper in Australia, and commercial talkback radio and a 
lot of television by default. But how often do they get invited to give 
a lecture to undergraduates in cultural studies? So please stop your 
elitist carping. So this Xmas, give a little thought to how lonely it 
must be out there on the margins for neo-conservatives. Crochet them 
something nice.

Jason Jacobs wrote:

> is there not a relevant distinction to be made between Western Culture 
> and (human) civilisation? The former seems to hate itself well enough 
> already, but I'm all for the latter. Please don't end it Catharine.
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