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Wed Dec 1 14:06:00 CST 2004

>From: Alan McKee <a.mckee at qut.edu.au>
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>Subject: [csaa-forum] wants/needs
>Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 11:40:34 +1000
>Hello everybody,
>Just been reading some writing on public broadcasting, and I'm
>fascinated by the durability of the 'want/need' binary in critical
>thinking (as in 'commercial culture encourages people to buy things
>they think they want, not what they really need'). I'm interested in
>what we currently think are real needs, and what are merely wants,
>in twenty first century Australia. If anyone has a few spare
>seconds, would you mind putting 'need' or 'want' next to the ten
>items on this list, and emailing it to me at a.mckee at qut.edu.au?
>Love youse all
>Alan McKee
>washing machine-n
>children's toys-n
>bathroom cleaning products-w
>shaving products-w
>breakfast cereal-w

how about don't want?
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