[csaa-forum] WG: Gendering Citizenship and Globalization (Spain) (12/20/04; 5/11/05-5/13/05)

Amanda Wise amanda.wise at anu.edu.au
Sat Jun 19 10:18:43 CST 2004

III International Interdisciplinary Conference
Universidad de Huelva, Spain
11-12-13 May 2005

After the success of 'Women Exiles/Exilios femeninos' in 1998 and
'Gendered spaces' in 2001, the Women's Studies Centre at the University
of Huelva invites proposals for papers on the topic of gendering
citizenship and globalization. We would like to discuss how citizenship
and globalization may contribute to shape the construction of
gender as well as the ways in which a gendered stance may be projected
the configuration of citizenship and globalization.

Other related topics may include:

-gendering the nation, (im)migration and diaspora;
-gender politics and the legal system;
-transnational identity and gender;
-global job markets;
-gendering international institutions;
-policing gender boundaries;
-the normalization of gender;
-wo/men's associations around the world;
-new patterns of political participation;
-women in (counter)terrorism;
-new configurations of gendered identity and their literary or media
-women's reproductive rights and inter/national policy;

Deadline for abstracts (300-500 words in either English or Spanish): 20
December 2004.  Acceptance of papers will be notified around 15 February
2005. Papers should not exceed 10 pages (2,500-3,000 words, 20 minutes
delivery) and they can be presented in either language. A selection of
the conference papers will be considered for publication.

Please send your abstract by e-mail to both:

Auxiliadora Perez, mariaa.perez at dfing.uhu.es and Beatriz Dominguez,
beat at uhu.es 

Or else by fax or snail-mail to:

Mar Gallego
Dpto. de Filolog=EDa Inglesa
Universidad de Huelva
Campus del Carmen, pab. 11.
Huelva 21071 Spain
Fax: 34-959 019 143
Tel: 34-959 019 123

Organising Committee: Beatriz Dominguez, Mar Gallego, Rosa Garc=EDa,
Perez and Luis Francisco Bravo.

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