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Society for Cinema and Media Studies
Call for Proposals for the 2005 London Conference
March 31-April 3, 2005

Dear colleagues:
In recognition of the increasing globalization of our profession as well as 
of the objects we study, the Society is for the first time moving its 
annual conference to London, in the hope of deepening and strengthening our 
dialogue with colleagues in Europe, both established and young scholars. We 
would like to see proposals on the current state of film 
theory/history/criticism from national/international/ transnational 
perspectives and other relevant topics. We will consider proposals for 
papers, panels and workshops. The bi-continental planning committee hopes 
that panel and workshop proposals will, whenever suitable, include 
participants from both sides of the Atlantic; we urge you to keep this in 
mind as you prepare your panel and workshop proposals. To encourage the 
widest possible interest in attending, we have highlighted some standard 
procedures, formats and deadlines. The complete description, as well as the 
URLs for downloading application and payments, can be found at 

• Eligibility:
.. SCMS membership is required 
.. Conference registration fee is required (form will be posted to the 
website soon).
.. Panel and Workshop participants must register for the conference by 
January 21.

• Submission Procedures:
For paper proposals, use the Standard Abstract Form (SAF) format provided 
online at http://www.cmstudies.org/abstract_forms.html, under the heading 
Open Call. Submit the proposal as an e-mail directly to 
office at cmstudies.org. Please do not send it as an attachment. If accepted, 
the paper will be placed in one of the open call panels created by the 
program committee. If you are willing to chair an open call panel, please 
indicate this on the proposal form. Chairs are responsible for introducing 
panelists, keeping individual presentations within the 20-minute time limit 
and facilitating discussions among presenters and the audience.

For panel proposals, use the format provided online at 
http://www.cmstudies.org/abstract_forms.html, under the heading Panel. 
Include one Paper SAF for each paper within the panel. Panels should have 
at least three presenters, but no more than four. Submit in e-mail format 
directly to office at cmstudies.org. Please do not send the proposal as an 

For a workshop proposal, use Electronic Workshop Standard Abstract Form 
format provided on line at
http://www.cmstudies.org/abstract_forms.html, under the heading Workshop. 
Also include one Workshop Participant Form (same URL, but under the 
heading, Workshop Participant) for each person in the proposed workshop. 
Workshop proposals should be limited to no more than four participants. 
Please send in e-mail format to office at cmstudies.org. Please do not send 
the proposal as an attachment.

• Deadlines:
September 15-Proposal Submission
January 21-Membership in Society and Conference Early Registration Deadline
No late proposals will be accepted. All proposals should be submitted and 
presented in English. To maximize participation, individuals are limited to 
one proposal, and can only serve in two capacities. Thus, one can: 1) 
deliver a paper and chair a panel, 2) deliver a paper and participate in a 
workshop, 3) deliver a paper and serve as a respondent, 4) chair a workshop 
and serve as a respondent, or 5) chair a panel and participate in a 
workshop. The panel respondent usually possesses specialized knowledge of 
the panel’s topic, has read all of the papers prior to the conference and 
tries to draw out particular lines of thought or inquiry to arrive at a 
broader conclusion. The decisions of the program committee are final. 
Because of the large number of participants it is not possible for the 
program committee to consider special requests for times or days for 
presentations. For additional information contact
Jane Dye or Debbie Rush at: office at cmstudies.org.

E. Ann Kaplan, President
Society for Cinema & Media Studies

Dr James Donald
Professor of Film Studies
School of Theatre, Film & Dance
University of New South Wales
NSW 2052

Telephone:      (02) 9385 4858
Mobile:         0433 126445
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Telephone:      +612 9385 4858
Mobile:         +61 433 126445
Facsimile:      +612 9662 2335

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