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Dear Mel,  not quite sure who to tell, and am sure heaps have already
noticed, on the CSAA conference website on  the navigation buttons they have
plenory, not plenary -  I love it when people point out typos on my
websites, so hope they don't mind me being so pedantic.. 


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dear list,

plans are well underway for the annual CSAA conference to be held in
Fremantle December 9-11. you can now bookmark the conference website which
has just been launched and will continue to be updated as the conference


some useful travel information about WA is already available from the site
under 'Perth and Fremantle'.
do continue to avail yourselves of this list to organise panels nationally
and internationally. the CFP is attached below for those of you who missed
it or need a reminder. looking forward to meeting many of you there!


Everyday Transformations


The Twenty-First Century Quotidian




Annual conference of the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia,

Perth / Fremantle, 9-11 December 2004


Call for Papers



New technologies, increasing work pressures, changing gender roles and
family structures, increasing flows of refugees and asylum seekers, concerns
about security, environmental risks, the escalating speed and complexity of
social transactions - everyday life is today a terrain of rapid and
unsettling change. Yet it retains associations also with pattern, order,
routine - the familiarity of a favourite soap opera or talk show, the
ordinary pleasures and irritations of shopping, cooking, negotiating
traffic, managing domestic life.

How should cultural studies address questions of everyday life in the
twenty-first century? The field can claim a rich tradition of work in the
area, from ethnographies of street subcultures and shopping centres to
writing on television and popular magazines. But everyday life has been
transformed in significant ways since the time of many of the founding
contributions. What remains relevant today in the study of everyday life? To
what extent do we need new concepts and categories?

Transformations have also occurred in cultural studies' motivations for
engaging with everyday life. The everyday is a major point of intersection
for many of its intellectual tributaries, including British cultural
studies, feminism, semiotics, European surrealism, situationism,
psychoanalysis and ethnomethodology. Yet the context for all of these has
been affected by major shifts in the location of cultural studies, the
nature and priorities of higher education, by the increasing market
orientation of mainstream institutions and by conservative attempts to lay
claim to the 'ordinary' and 'mainstream'. What do we seek now in engaging
with the everyday? What understanding of this engagement is most appropriate
for the times?

Possible sessions/themes:

* New technologies                      * Speed and time

* Suburbia                      * Everyday sexualities

* Television                    * Collections and archives

* Food                          * Popular media

* Magazine journalism           * Cultural geographies

* Everyday spirituality         * Sport
* Ordinariness   ******* ******* * Music

* Shopping                      * Tourism

* Civility and manners          * Documentary

* Creativity                    * Sustainability

* Homes and gardens             * The apocalyptic and the everyday      

* Risk and stress                       * Dance

* Globalisation                 * Political activism in everyday life


Abstracts of no more than 250 words for single papers, or suggestions for
panel sessions, should be sent to:

Mark Gibson - mgibson at central.murdoch.edu.au

or :    School of Media, Communication and Culture
      Murdoch University
      South St, Murdoch

        WA 6150


Panel proposals are particularly welcome.


Refereed Publication Option: As an innovation on past CSAA conferences,
'Everyday Transformations' will also be offering the option of refereed
publication in electronic conference proceedings. To be considered for this
stream, full papers must be received by 27 August 2004.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 30 July 2004

Melissa Gregg
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies
4th Floor, Forgan Smith Tower
University of Queensland 4072
CRICOS provider number: 00025B
ph     61 7 3346 9762
mob    61 4 1116 5706
fax    61 7 3365 7184
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