[csaa-forum] Digital Divide IAMCR Webinar 19 March

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Tue Mar 2 21:14:52 ACST 2021

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IAMCR is pleased to launch a new initiative: the IAMCR Webinar Series. 
The idea is to open-up channels for engagement and participation in 
addition to the annual conference. These include presentations, debates, 
book and project launches. The format is flexible, the connection is 
what matters. We are happy to echo the great work that is done by 
Sections/Working Groups and IAMCR members. We are excited to start the 
series with a very timely debate on “Digital Divide and Digital 
Inclusion”, sponsored by the Digital Divide Working Group.


*Digital Divide and Digital Inclusion*


*Date & time*: 19 March 2021 - 16h00 Moscow / 13h00 UTC / 09h00 New York 
/ 14h00 Germany/ 16h00 Nairobi / 18h30 Kolkata / 19h00 Beijing / 21h00 
Brisbane /

*Moderated by*: Prof Elena Vartanova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, 

*Speakers*: Anna Gladkova, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia; 
Nikita Argylov, Far Eastern Federal University, Russia; Massimo 
Ragnedda, Northumbria University, UK;  Bianca C. Reisdorf, University of 
North Carolina at Charlotte, USA; Gerard Goggin, Nanyang Technological 
University, Singapore

*Description*: This webinar will discuss digital divide and digital 
inclusion of various social groups. Presentations will cover recent 
research on digital inclusion of disabled people, incarcerated and 
formerly incarcerated individuals, minor ethnic and cultural groups. The 
speakers will also discuss the evolution of digital inequalities from 
digital divide to algorithms divide, and talk about current approaches 
to the digital divide as a technological and social problem.

*Location*: The meeting will take place on Zoom. Attendees will receive 
their personal invitation 24 hours before the webinar begins.

*Registration*: There is no charge for IAMCR members but 
pre-registration is required by 17 March @ 13h00 UTC. To register, 
complete the form below. You must *log in to your account 
<https://iamcr.org/user/login?destination=node/10740>*  in order to see 
and complete the form.

Not sure if you're a member? Check the membership directory 

If you are not a member of IAMCR, you can join here 
<https://iamcr.org/join/individual>. A limited number of guest 
invitations for non-members may be available. Send an email to 
register4iamcrwebinar at gmail.com 
<mailto:register4iamcrwebinar at gmail.com?subject=please%20add%20me%20to%20webinar%20guest%20list> to 
request to be added to the guest list.

*The deadline to register is 17 March @ 17h00 UTC*

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