[csaa-forum] What was your first CSAA conference?

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Checking my CV, I notice that the 2004 conference was also held at Murdoch Uni. I don't think I have the two conferences muddled up!

One thing I was looking for was when the association moved from being the Cultural Studies Association of Australia to the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia. As my CV claims the 2003 conference, which was held in Christchurch, was held by the Cultural Studies Association of Australia I assume my CV must be wrong. I have a vague memory of there being discussion at one of the conferences about how the name should be changed, whether Australasia was politically appropriate or whether it should be the Cultural Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand. There may be others who have a better grasp of this.

By the way, the first international Crossroads in Cultural Studies conference was held in Tampere in 1996.

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Awesome thanks for sharing!

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Hi Holly,

   I can tell you that the 1993 conference was held in Melbourne, at Melbourne Uni I think because I seem to remember staying close to Lygon Street. I think that was the first conference as the association was formed in 1992--unless the association was formed at a conference. The next conference I know about was the 1996 conference (I was out of the country in 1994 and I have no record of what happened in 1995) which was held in Perth at Murdoch Uni. If memory serves, I think Tony Bennett may have delivered a keynote and Keyan Tomaselli, from South Africa, was certainly there and may also have delivered a plenary or keynote. Those events were not held at the university but at the Fremantle Arts Centre, a gothic-style building constructed in the second half of the nineteenth century as a Lunatic Asylum but, of course, fully renovated.




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Subject: [csaa-forum] What was your first CSAA conference?

Dear CSAA Colleagues,

I just finished a lovely meeting with the CSAA Executive and we were reminiscing about our first CSAA Conferences.

Mine was the 2006 UnAustralia Conference.

What was yours?

I’d be keen too to see if folks have the original paper conference program.

Kind regards,


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