[csaa-forum] Transformations Issue 35 cfp: Anomalous/Autonomous: The constitution and performance of, micro-, disputed and/or temporary territories

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Transformations Journal: Call for Papers

Issue 35: Anomalous/Autonomous:

The constitution and performance of, micro-, disputed and/or temporary territories

Guest Editor: Philip Hayward (University of Technology Sydney)

While nation states comprise the dominant (and default) tier of territorial units there are also a host of idiosyncratic, anomalous (and mostly miniscule) non-state entities scattered around the planet. These include peculiar state-recognised entities (such as the UK's Channel Island "bailiwick" of Guernsey with its three autonomous sub-jurisdictions); enclaves and exclaves of one nation isolated within another (such as Kaliningrad, isolated from the rest of Russia since the break-up of the Soviet Union); micronations that have successfully established themselves outside of state boundaries (such as Sealand, on an abandoned fort in the North Sea); micronations that assert their existence, often despite state denial and/or interference (such as Hutt River Province in western Australia); and temporary rhetorical "states" created by artists for various purposes (such as Ladonia, in southern Sweden). These non-state territorial units are performed in various ways. Some imitate state mechanisms and practices at micro-levels, others parody nation-statehood in various ways while others exist virtually - through media representations of themselves as micronations. The establishment and management of all these entities raises questions over nation-statehood and involve quests for autonomy conducted with various conservative, libertarian and/or anarchistic motivations.

This special issue of Transformations seeks contributions that address various aspects of anomalous sub-national units and claims for micro-nationality apparent in geo-political discourse and/or creative engagements with such concepts. We invite submissions in the areas of critical and cultural studies, media studies, anthropology and social science, politics, geography, history and creative arts research. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

§  Case studies of particular anomalous or autonomous territories
§  Representations of anomalous or autonomous territories in any media
§  Fictions concerning anomalous or autonomous territories
§  Virtuality - the performance of anomalous or autonomous territories in online media
§  Creative practices that perform territorial anomaly or autonomy

>>> Abstracts (200-400 words) are due 5th June 2020, with a view to submit articles by 31st October 2020.

>>> Abstracts should be forwarded to: prhshima at gmail.com

>>> View Transformations online: http://www.transformationsjournal.org<http://www.transformationsjournal.org/>

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