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Sydney Screen Studies Network is still seeking proposals for our 2019 symposium, Dial S for Screen Studies<https://wordpress.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=874f88bf15b1c1cd4ee175472&id=06a0efb3d2&e=1b31705502> held 28th to 29th of November 2019 at UNSW, Sydney. The symposium will be composed of two streams: (1) current approaches to screen theory and (2) futures of screen-based creative practice.

Current Approaches to Screen Theory
We invite scholars working across film, television, video, and internet media to present a twenty-minute paper of research on contemporary screen studies and screen culture from a variety of perspectives. Some suggested perspectives for this stream include:

  *   Early cinemas, classic cinemas and/or contemporary cinemas
  *   Television, traditional and new
  *   Screen history
  *   Spectatorship
  *   Mass media and social media
  *   Screen theory/screen philosophy
  *   Intersections of academic research and practice
  *   Interdisciplinary approaches to the screen
  *   The screen as text
  *   The screen as art
  *   New media forms
  *   Gender, sexuality, race and class in screen media
  *   Cognitive Theories/ Methodologies
  *   History/theory of performance on screen

Futures of Screen-Based Creative Practice
This stream invites scholars to explore the future of screen-based creative practice.

  *   What is the future of screen practice?
  *   How will screens be viewed in the future and how does creative practice respond to this?
  *   How have shifts in screen culture affected current screen practice?
  *   Have developments in new technology impacted the work of the practitioner and the types of creative work they make?
  *   What is a/the ‘studio’ in current screen practice?
  *   What does it mean to be a screen artist in the age of alternative screen culture?

Papers for this stream could be a traditional seminar paper or a combination of a shorter paper with a short screening of a work or work in progress. The accompanying screened work can range from five to ten minutes in length. Please note the total time of the presentation should not be more than twenty minutes. Opportunities for the screening of longer works may be available for presenters that have their papers accepted.

We are also seeking workshop proposals for one-hour workshops. Potential workshop topics could include: screen practice, screen theory (including reading groups), screen teaching pedagogy, and article writing.

Please send your proposals including a title, an abstract (150 words), and a short biography to dialsforscreenstudies at gmail.com<mailto:dialsforscreenstudies at gmail.com> by Wednesday 25th of September 2019. Please make note of your preferred stream or if your proposal is for a workshop.


The keynote speaker for our 2019 Dial S for Screen Studies Symposium is Senior Professor Sue Turnbull, presenting ‘This is Your Worst Nightmare’: Reimagining Screen Entertainment and the Practice of Audiencing.

Sue Turnbull is a Senior Professor of Communication and Media at the University of Wollongong where she is also Discipline Leader for the Creative Industries. Her publications include The TV Crime Drama (Edinburgh University Press 2014), and European Television Crime Drama and Beyond with Kim Toft Hansen and Steven Peacock (Palgrave Macmillan 2018). She is currently involved in three ARC projects, investigating the transnational career of the television crime drama; the value of the web series to the creative industries; and the history of migration in relation to television.

Sue also reviews crime fiction for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, and is roaming ambassador for Sisters in Crime Australia. She is on the organizing committee for the Sydney Crime Writers Festival, BAD, which is happening at the NSW State Library September 6-8.

For updates on the CFP and Dial S for Screen Studies go to:
Dial S for Screen Studies’ event page <https://wordpress.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=874f88bf15b1c1cd4ee175472&id=ff5e03c035&e=1b31705502>
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The SSSN is supported by the School of Arts and Media, UNSW

For further details on the Sydney Screen Studies program, please visit sydneyscreenstudiesnetwork.com<https://wordpress.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=874f88bf15b1c1cd4ee175472&id=115b650956&e=1b31705502>
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