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Sean Redmond s.redmond at deakin.edu.au
Wed Aug 14 09:11:50 ACST 2019

Dear all,

the Soundtrack journal has just published a Special Edition of four papers drawn from the Sound-tracking Melbourne Symposium held last year. These wonderful papers take us across forms and genres, historical periods, and modes of enquiry.

They take us from Tessa Dwyer’s, ‘Mother tongue: Uncanny sound, migrant voice and the home movie’, to John Cumming and Martin Potter's, ‘Sounding Obsession: A discussion on sounds from a garage film’; and from Diana Sanders, ‘Penguin Café Orchestra, Malcolm and Mary: The soundtrack of Melbourne’s outcast children’, to Djoymi Baker's, ‘Predestination: Uncanny (mis)recognition, science fiction and “home movie” moments’.

Each paper and author localizes and translates sound and image at each delicate turn, offering up new ways for us to hear and see Melbourne screen culture.

It is a wonderful collection of essays – please dip in.


Best wishes,

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