[csaa-forum] Invited Talk, Stephen Epstein: Celebrities, Netizens and Nationalism in East Asia, Deakin University, 11th July, 2-3.30pm

Sean Redmond s.redmond at deakin.edu.au
Fri Jun 21 08:32:42 ACST 2019

Celebrities, Netizens and Nationalism in East Asia
Dr Stephen Epstein | Victoria University of Wellington
11 July 2019 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Deakin University, Level 2, Building BC, Burwood campus

On August 14, 2016, the eve of Liberation Day in South Korea, American-born Tiffany of K-pop icons Girls’ Generation uploaded a picture to her Instagram account that paid tribute to the group’s just-completed concerts: applying a filter available in the social media platform, she added the locale “Tokyo, Japan” to caption the photo in a font style that recalled Japan’s rising sun flag. Netizen reaction was swift and harsh in condemning the “ignorant” action of the star, and her gaffe ultimately led to her dismissal from a popular Korean TV show. Tiffany, however, was far from the first star to be attacked for the display, almost always unwitting, of another nation’s symbols in East Asia’s highly sensitive internet environment. In this talk, Epstein will address such incidents in order to underline how nationalism intersects with the process of increasing mediatisation, personalisation and commodification of celebrity as well as media consumption, democratised fan production and evolving relations between fans and celebrities.

On behalf of Polis ADI, Deakin University, and Monash University

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