[csaa-forum] Association of Internet Research Conference - Brisbane 2019

Jean Burgess je.burgess at qut.edu.au
Tue Jan 22 11:17:24 ACST 2019

Dear colleagues,

You may be aware that Queensland University of Technology will host the Association of Internet Researchers conference in Brisbane, Australia, on 2-5 October 2019.

This is only the second time the conference has been to the Southern Hemisphere and it marks an important opportunity for media, communication and cultural studies researchers in the broader Asia-Pacific region to attend.

AoIR is a member-based, academic association dedicated to the promotion of critical and scholarly Internet research independent from traditional disciplines and existing across academic borders.

The conference theme for 2019 is ‘Trust in the System’.  You can read more about the theme and call for papers here:  https://aoir.org/aoir2019/aoir2019cfp/<https://members.aoir.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=9jxDxt3YVJDXqqeRb%2fxCNufTz7u8XgSiObPlut%2bSlfGJio6ALfYBBrRdqJQM72EA4vwQIWRIfhfNr9qcdT%2b3Fqtt9yl1P5lvatvMVMBXg7k%3d>

The #AoIR2019 call for submissions is available here: https://aoir.org/aoir2019/subtypes/<https://members.aoir.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=qqp9F8aLZ%2f28lWeLUVO3zZZp2OeGbnpdEC2MqV14z8LTf6M7nOeDxRNFH3YdWzQlWordPu7hUuZa9wXneZAMDe0WQ6HZ1DezcKK9AImB2aU%3d>

And key dates are outlined here: https://aoir.org/aoir2019/aoir2019-key-dates/<https://members.aoir.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=zjaE3jw%2fz2gSDdbYgWU%2fcxmzsYGKIlwFMQZ0AA3VHaaJmwn5DUfUQzt3xdSrHYJvzuFEMyXUXcOy8SQ0OFiujK1owGLDzjPGpB6wTgqTwAg%3d>

The submission site will be open mid-January with submissions due for Papers, Panels, Roundtables, Fishbowls, Experimental Sessions, and Pre-conference Workshops by 1 March 2019.

For any questions on submissions, please contact Jonathon Hutchinson, #AoIR2019 Program Chair at AoIRConfChair at aoir.org<mailto:AoIRConfChair at aoir.org>

For all other questions, please email: ac at aoir.org<mailto:ac at aoir.org>
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