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well said! I couldn't agree more. Valerie Harwood and Crystal Abidin also
won new DPs I would consider cultural studies, even if not coded 2002, and
Anita Harris has a new project on youth with a large team, which is at the
intersection of CS and sociology
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On Fri, 30 Nov 2018 at 16:01, Elizabeth Stephens <e.stephens at uq.edu.au>

> Hi all,
> Given the relentlessly gloomy news in the university sector, most recently
> in relation to the ministerial overturning of ARC grants recommended for
> funding, members of the list may be heartened to note the amazing number of
> ARC DECRAs and DPs awarded to excellent Cultural Studies projects in the
> latest round.
> Just looking projects coded 2002, no less than three DECRAs have been
> awarded: Dr Rebecca Olive (UQ), Understanding ecological sensibilities in
> recreational lifestyle sport; Dr Michael Richardson (UNSW), Drone
> witnessing: technologies of perception in war and culture; and Dr Lindsay
> Kelley (UNSW), Tasting history: food, culture, and national identity.
> In addition, there are five DPs: Professor Lelia Green, Professor Brian
> O'Neill, Professor Elisabeth Staksrud, Dr Liza (Elissavet) Tsaliki, Mr
> Kjartan Ólafsson, Perceptions of harm from adolescents accessing online
> sexual content; Associate Professor Lee Wallace, Professor Annamarie
> Jagose, The couple: commitment and durability in the era of marriage
> equality; Associate Professor Belinda Smaill, Associate Professor
> Christopher Healy, Associate Professor Therese Davis, Remaking the
> Australian environment through documentary film and television; Dr Anna
> Cristina Pertierra, Associate Professor Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu, Dr Rosana
> Pinheiro Machado, New consumer cultures in the Global South; and Professor
> Susan Luckman, The value of craft skills to the future of manufacturing in
> Australia.
> A number of CSAA members were also successful in projects funded under
> different codes.
> Many of us are all too aware how much labour goes into these applications,
> and for every project successfully funded, many important and worthy
> projects are not. Everyone who makes it through this gruelling process is
> to be commended.
> For this very reason, it is cause for celebration and encouragement to see
> so many of our members will have the support they deserve to pursue these
> significant and timely projects. It certainly bodes well for Cultural
> Studies research in Australia! I'm sure members of the list join me in
> sending warmest congratulations to our colleagues above.
> Best wishes,
> Elizabeth
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