[csaa-forum] Public Lecture: Frank Pasquale, 'Written on the Body: Health Status in a Portfolio Society'

Mark Gibson mark.gibson at monash.edu
Thu Aug 2 12:54:53 ACST 2018

Those based in Melbourne (and visitors) are invited to the public lecture
hosted by the Culture, Media, Economy program at Monash University:

* Professor Frank Pasquale* from the University of Maryland will deliver a
lecture titled, *'Written on the Body: Health Status in a Portfolio
Society' *

Artificial intelligence researchers promise a revolution in medical
affairs: personalized comparisons of treatment effectiveness, rapid
processing of data, and new insights in the drug and device fields (both
for development and prescribing). Growing attention to the social
determinants of health also portends new insights on the ways that our
social lives, housing, transport, eating and drinking habits, and sleeping
patterns affect our health. However, like the pharmakon of critical theory,
data analysis here is not merely cure, but poison: a way of identifying the
vulnerable, subjecting them to old and new forms of
discrimination.Revisiting my 2013 article “Grand Bargains for Big Data,” I
will explore the commercial practices and public values that imperil fair
health data practices. The pursuit of health data justice will entail
important new restrictions on the collection, analysis, and use of data by
those outside the health care system.

* Date:  9 Aug 2018 – 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Location: Treasury Theatre, 1
Macarthur Street, East Melbourne
It's a timely lecture given the recent roll out of My Health Record, and
Professor Pasquale's work has been influential internationally, thanks in
part to his book on automation: The Black Box Society.

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