[csaa-forum] AAS2018 conference panel submissions invitation

David O'Shaughnessy david.oshaughnessy at my.jcu.edu.au
Fri Jun 22 12:34:20 ACST 2018

Hi CSAA list members,

Just a quick email here to promote a roundtable panel for this year's
AAS2018 conference in Cairns (Life in an Age of Death). The title of the
panel is "From desktop to pocket to brain: technology and the future of
democracy", and here's the short abstract:

"In 1964 Lewis Mumford located an authoritarian threat to democracy (and
indeed life) not in any organization of people, but in specific modes
and arrangements of technology. This roundtable will explore the
applicability of Mumford's ideas in making sense of life at this unusual
point in history."

The idea is that interested scholars produce short pieces/provocations
(around 5 to 10 minutes long) with the aim of stimulating discussion
amongst the panel and also with the audience. You can see full panel
details here:


and also send your short submissions there if you're interested!



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