[csaa-forum] Reminder: Cultural Economy After Neo-Liberalism - Registration Open

Kirsten Stevens kirsten.e.stevens at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 15:45:29 ACST 2018

 Reminder - registration is open for the Cultural Economy After Neo-
Liberalism conference held by
the Culture Media Economy research hub at Monash University.

Register for free here: http://bit.ly/2FN6Y8E

CONFERENCE: Cultural Economy After Neo-Liberalism


DAY 1: June 25, 9am—5pm

DAY 2: June 26, 9:30am—5pm

LOCATION: Monash College. Level 7, 271 Collins St Melbourne.

The last forty years of cultural policy have been dominated by economic
value, as the arbiter and final legitimation for cultural policy decision
making. Even when other public values or goals are admitted, these are held
to be best achieved through the allocative efficiencies of ‘the market’,
and by inculcating ‘market rational’ behaviour.

In parallel we have seen a rapid decline in public funding for culture; the
disruption of public media and information; the fragmentation of audiences
into market niches and data sources; the erosion of wages and working
conditions for cultural workers; a deepening lack of diversity within the
sector, and the on-going exclusion of small scale cultural activities from
inner cities.

There is crisis of the cultural sector - the ecosystem in which it operates
and the values that sustain it as a public good. This is part of a wider
crisis of our collective culture. This conference hopes to outline new
approaches for the future as a matter of urgency. Rather than the stale
ideas of creative industries and creative cities, we seek to engage with
post-growth and sustainable economics; Indigenous and cultural rights; new
approaches to ‘good living’ in the face of human and ecological distress;
revisit making and manufacture in cities, as a question of sustainability
and equity; and new forms of global cultural connectivity outside the
imaginary of a mobile creative class.

The conference is in three parts over two days: Cultural Economy Futures;
Shaping the City for Cultural Production; from Fringe to Famous.

*Invited speakers include:*

Arjo Klamer, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Seb Olma, Avans University of Applied Sciences The Netherlands

Mark Banks, University of Leicester

Kate Oakley, University of Leeds

George Morgan, Western Sydney University

Jen Smith McGuire, University of Leicester

Caroline Wilson-Barnao, University of Queensland

Julian Meyrick and Tully Barnett, Flinders University

Marcus Westbury, Contemporary Arts Precinct

Helene George, Creative Economy

*Monash University speakers:*

Justin O’Connor

Carl Grodach

Mark Andrejevic

Brett Hutchins

Xin Gu

Mark Gibson

Tony Moore

Pip Shea

Markus Jung
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