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The Space, Race, Bodies research collective focuses attention on the connections between racisms, geography, and activist and theoretical accounts of embodiment.

In order to make SRB research events accessible, we have full audio, video, and written transcripts of the invited speakers here: http://www.spaceracebodies3.com/srb-keynote-podcasts

Talks include:

  *   Professor Joseph Pugliese, 'Death by Metadata and Its Transliteration to Flesh'
  *   Associate Professor Susan Stryker, 'Otherwise that Analogy: The Paralogous Relations of Transgender, Ethnicity, and Color in Regimes of Biopolitical Racialization'
  *   Professor Jacinta Ruru, 'Troubled Space: Tensions in Indigenous and colonial notions of national space'
  *   Dr. Rebecca Stringer, 'Feminism and Victim Politics in Neoliberal Times'
  *   Emmy Rakete, Fadak Alfayadh, Crystal McKinnon and Emma Russell, 'Beyond Walls and Cages: Dismantling Detention and Prison'
  *   Moana Jackson, Sina Brown-Davis, and Annette Sykes, 'Decarceration, Not Prison; Justness, not Justice; Constitutional Transformation, Not Treaty Settlements'
  *   Wairere Tame Iti, 'Hongihongia te Whewheia - Know your Enemy'
  *   Teanau Tuiono, Tracey Barnett and Mengzhu Fu, 'Sovereignty and Asylum: When Borders Fall and Narratives Fail'

This material is open-access but please respect the speakers' generosity in sharing their knowledge by referencing and acknowledging them appropriately.

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