[csaa-forum] New Publication: Incarceration, Migration and Indigenous Sovereignty: Thoughts on Existence and Resistance in Racist Times

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Kia ora koutou,

I am pleased to announced the publication of Incarceration, Migration and Indigenous Sovereignty: Thoughts on Existence and Resistance in Racist Times. This education booklet responds to the current and ongoing histories of the incarceration of Indigenous peoples, migrants, and communities of colour. One of its key aims is to think about how prisons and their institutional operations are not marginal to everyday spaces, social relations, and politics. Rather the complex set of practices around policing, detaining, and building and maintaining prisons and detention centres are intimately connected to the way we understand space and place, how we understand ourselves and our families in relation to categories of criminal or innocent, and whether we feel secure or at home in the country we reside.

Incarceration, Migration and Indigenous Sovereignty features contributions first presented at Space, Race, Bodies II: Sovereignty and Migration in a Carceral Age<http://www.spaceracebodies3.com/srb-ii>. Contributors include: Teanau Tuiono, Fadak Alfayadh, Emmy Ra?kete, Crystal McKinnon, Emma Russell, Marie Laufiso, Suzanne Menzies-Culling, R. Michelle Schaaf and Holly Randell-Moon.

The booklet is available for free download here<http://www.spaceracebodies3.com/srb-publications>

The Space, Race, Bodies research collective has limited funding available for print copies of the booklet. If your organisation would like copies, please email: space.race.bodies at otago.ac.nz

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