[csaa-forum] Tinkering: Australians Reinvent DIY Culture

Katherine Wilson i.am at katherinewilson.com.au
Wed Jan 24 15:03:57 ACST 2018


I’m hoping to interest members in my new book, Tinkering: Australians reinvent DIY culture. It’s a journalistic and scholarly account of my doctoral studies in material culture. Drawing from many fields — sociology, anthropology, craft theory, art history, labour studies, economics and many branches of cultural studies, it discusses tinkering as a form of material scholarship, psychological sanctuary and political engagement. Information about the book is here: www.goo.gl/Cy4j93 and reviews of the book are summarised here: http://www.katherinewilson.com.au/miscellany/

Many thanks, Kath

Kath Wilson  |  0423 066 926  |  www.katherinewilson.com.au
Book: www.goo.gl/Cy4j93

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