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Culture, Theory and Critique invites original full-length article
submissions for its upcoming open issues.

Culture, Theory and Critique is a refereed, interdisciplinary journal for
the transformation and development of critical theories in the humanities
and social sciences. It aims to critique and reconstruct theories by
interfacing them with one another and by relocating them in new sites and

Culture, Theory and Critique is an international as well as
interdisciplinary journal whose success depends on contributions from a
variety of sources, so that debate between different perspectives can be
stimulated. One of the aims of the journal is to break down theoretical
hierarchies and latent intellectual hegemonies. To this end, every
endeavour will be made to incorporate perspectives from diverse cultural,
intellectual and geographical contexts. We therefore particularly encourage
work which addresses and contextualises theories, texts (including cinema,
media, fine arts, scientific treatises, etc.), and ethnographic material
produced outside of North America and Western Europe. We also encourage
submissions of original English translations or introductions / summaries
of critical theory works originally published in other languages.

Essays should not exceed 7000 words, including quotations and footnotes,
and the word count should be printed at the end. In general, articles
should be divided into clearly identified sections with subheadings or

Please visit our website (http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rctc20/current)
for instructions and guidelines on how to submit an article.

Greg Hainge, Editor-in-Chief, g.hainge at uq.edu.au
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