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Dear all,

The Screening Melbourne dossier has now been published in the latest edition of Senses of Cinema. Developing out of the Screening Melbourne conference held earlier this year, the dossier includes landmark contributions by:

Lisa French: “Melbourne’s Capitol Theatre: ‘the best cinema that has ever been built or is ever likely to be built’”

Adrian Danks: “Before On the Beach: Melbourne on Film in the 1950s”

Tessa Laird: “Sonic Disturbance and Chromatic Dissolution: the Cantrills remake Melbourne”

James Robert Douglas: “Leaving Home: Kennedy Miller in Melbourne”

Stayci Taylor: “Screenwriting Melbourne/s: the challenges of re-presenting and re-creating Melbourne within a screenplay’s flipped-reality narrative”

Glenn D’Cruz: “Uncanny Suburbia, Hauntology and Post-Traumatic Poetics: Conversations with Dirk de Bruyn’s Conversations with my Mother”

Diana Sandars: “Affectively Trapped, Fossilised and Fetishised: Early 1990s Melbourne through Stillness, Movement and Music in Proof”

And with an introduction by Glen Donnar, Sean Redmond: “Introduction: Screening Melbourne”

Link: http://sensesofcinema.com/category/screening-melbourne/

Best wishes,
Glen and Sean

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