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Deb Verhoeven deb.verhoeven at deakin.edu.au
Wed Aug 2 16:47:33 ACST 2017

Hi everyone,

Apologies for cross-posting.

Just a quick email to alert you to the new iteration of the Humanities Network Infrastructure<http://huni.net.au/> (HuNI) Virtual Laboratory.

This new version of HuNI introduces graph capabilities - its now possible for anyone searching across all the datasets to find, and see, and add to the links between records. So you can discover how many records in HuNI are connected to a particular person for example (and their "Bacon Distance"). And you can also ask HuNI to show you the shortest path between two records. And you can see who made the links and why. And what type of links they are (user-generated or system generated).

This is short, readable guide on the "why, what and how" of HuNI 2.0: https://medium.com/@bestqualitycrab/https-medium-com-huni2-0-48373de1e3a1

Please share! And maybe even try out some of the features.


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