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Fourth Contemporary Drug Problems Conference
'Making alcohol and other drug realities'
23-25 August, 2017
Helsinki, Finland

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D28777.F12DBC10][cid:image002.jpg at 01D28777.F12DBC10]

Dear colleagues,

Please consider joining us in Helsinki for the Fourth Contemporary Drug Problems conference, which will critically explore and debate the issues posed when we approach alcohol and other drug science, policy, treatment, law and other practices as constituting the realities they seek to address. A draft conference program is available at https://ndri.curtin.edu.au/local/docs/pdf/conferences/cdp-2017-program-draft.pdf.

Confirmed keynote speakers are:
Carol Bacchi: 'Deploying a poststructural analytic strategy: Political implications'
Cameron Duff: 'Making drug realities: From analysis to praxis after the ontological turn'
Adam Winstock & Monica Barratt: 'The Global Drug Survey: Participatory methods and the making of safer drug realities'

Join conference delegates for dinner at Restaurant Loiste (https://www.raflaamo.fi/en/helsinki/restaurant-loiste), located on the top floor of the Hotel Vaakuna:

[cid:image003.jpg at 01D28777.F12DBC10][https://sipa.s-palvelut.fi/?url=https%3A%2F%2Flaari.sok.fi%2Fdocuments%2F762382%2F2532124%2FKes%25C3%25A4%2520vaakuna%2F6f8de027-d41b-4164-b762-7312f72fff70%3Ft%3D1483013470332&maxWidth=1200&highDensity=true&checksum=7cbaa4e0e843d7d47c1c0a32b30e4d74]

For further details on the conference theme, keynote speakers, venue and accommodation options, please visit http://ndri.curtin.edu.au/events/cdp2017/.

Please forward this email to interested colleagues and relevant email lists.

With many thanks and apologies in advance for cross-postings,
David Moore & Pekka Hakkarainen

On behalf of the Conference Committee:
Kim Bloomfield (Contemporary Drug Problems & Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, Aarhus University, Denmark)
Nancy Campbell (Contemporary Drug Problems & Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)
Suzanne Fraser (Contemporary Drug Problems & National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University, Australia)
Pekka Hakkarainen (National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland)
Kati Kataja (National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland)
David Moore (Contemporary Drug Problems & National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University, Australia)
Mark Stoové (Contemporary Drug Problems & Burnet Institute, Australia)

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