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*Persona Studies**: New Issue and Call for Papers and Creative Work*

*Persona Studies* is soliciting papers and creative works for TWO issues:
an open call for 2017 and a 2018 special issue on Scientific Persona.
Details listed below.

The editorial board is also pleased to announce the launch of another issue
of *Persona Studies*—a rich compendium of work on digital persona
productions from autobiographical games to lifestyle blogging, and
celebrity persona performances of the Antichrist (Marilyn Manson) and
Irish-Americanness (Aidan Quinn)

In this issue:

*Editorial: “5 Dimensions of the Online Persona”*

Chris Moore, Kim Barbour, and Katja Lee unpack five constituent elements of
online persona production and performance:

*“‘Get Off My Internets’: How Anti-Fans Deconstruct Lifestyle Bloggers’
Authenticity Work”*

Sarah McRae examines how communities of ‘anti-fans’ coalesce in online
forums and actively monitor how bloggers perform authenticity according to
ever shifting constructions of legitimacy:

 *“The Persona in Autobiographical Game-making as a Playful Performance of
the Self”*

Stefan Werning examines how autobiographical games make quite literal the
*playful* possibilities of persona construction and performance within the
constraints and affordances of the technologies and platforms:

*“Constructing the Antichrist as Superstar: Marilyn Manson and the
Mechanics of Eschatological Narrative”*

Patrick William Osborne’s article focuses on construction of Manson’s
controversial persona as an ‘Antichrist’ in the 1990s and the crucial role
that Christian organizations and ideological frameworks played in not only
crafting that persona, but infusing it with meaning and value:

*“The Hyphenated Persona: Aidan Quinn’s Irish-American Performances”*

Loretta Goff guides us through how ‘Irish-Americanness’ has been performed
across the twentieth century, and how it continues to be performed in
American contexts today using Aidan Quinn as a case study:


Anastasia Salter and Bridget Blodgett’s creative practice contribution is a
work of hypertext literature – part social media experience, part game,
part choose your own adventure – and embeds us in the US Twittersphere
during the final months of 2016 and January 2017:

*CALL FOR PAPERS: 2017 & 2018*

*OPEN ISSUE: 3.2 (2017)*

In this issue of *Persona Studies*, we are soliciting a wide variety of
creative and critical works on persona. Topics of interest might include
(but are not limited to) treatments of persona and:

·         Consumerism

·         Marketing

·         Online & digital Identities

·         Life Writing

·         Celebrity

·         Print Media

·         War &Terrorism

·         Death & Mourning

·         Bodies

·         Surveillance

·         Children & Family

·         Arts & Crafts

For both creative and critical works, please submit a 250-300 word abstract
or proposal to personastudies [at] gmail [dot] com by 14 July 2017. Artists
and authors will be notified of initial acceptance by 21 July 2017. Please
note that official acceptance of the work is contingent upon peer review.
Full papers (5,000-8,000 words) and projects are due 8 Sept. 2017.

For creative submissions where peer review or critical response is not
desired, a full submission will be required by 8 Sept. 2017. Please advise
in your initial proposal if you would a creative arts review.

*SPECIAL ISSUE: Scientific Persona 4.1 (2018)*

The concept of “scientific persona” has been developed to understand the
ways in which science is embodied and performed in a convincing way, and
how this performance becomes part of what science is. It induces questions
about the relation between the personal and the social, between the
scientist, or scholar, as a person and the content of science. We are
calling for submissions that will approach contemporary expressions and the
history of scientific persona while focusing on the impact of the wider
social and cultural context of gender, race and class.

Themes and issues include but are not limited to:

   - Intersectionality and scientific persona
   - Bodily expressions of scientific persona
   - Internalization of science and scientific personas
   - Scientific persona in colonial settings
   - Artistic expressions of scientific personas
   - Americanization of science and scientific persona
   - Celebrity and scientific personas
   - Comparative studies of scientific persona
   - The relationship between scientific institutions and personas
   - Pre-modern historical studies on scientific personas

Guest editors:

Prof. Mineke Bosch, Groningen University, the Netherlands

Prof. Kirsti Niskanen, Stockholm University, Sweden

Prof. Kaat Wils, KU Leuven, Belgium


   - In the first instance, submit your abstract by 03 July 2017 by email
   to Kirsti Niskanen:

kirsti [dot] niskanen [at] historia [dot] su [dot] se.

   - Full paper requests will be issued by 21 July 2017.
   - Full papers submissions due 27 October 2017 to the *Persona Studies*
   - Publication of Scientific Persona Special Issue scheduled for April
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