[csaa-forum] Jean-Claude Milner - Lecture and Colloquium in Melbourne 3-4 July

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Thu Jun 1 09:11:00 ACST 2017

The MSCP, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University,
and the Lacan Circle of Melbourne invite you to register for two free
upcoming events with Jean-Claude Milner in July in Melbourne. Apologies for

Details and Registration are here

Jean-Claude Milner is a distinguished French philosopher and public
intellectual who has made exceptional contributions to the fields of
linguistics, literature, philosophy and psychoanalysis. He has published
books and articles on syntax and grammar, Lacanian psychoanalysis, French
and English literature, and political movements and social change in
Europe. In a manner typical of his wide-ranging interests, Milner’s recent
work has addressed antisemitism in Europe, reflections on the French
revolution and the politics of Harry Potter.

Jean-Claude Milner is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at the Paris
Diderot University and is attached to the Levinas Study Institute in Paris.
His publications include: *For the Love of Language* (1978);*Ordres et
raisons de langue *(1982); *Les Noms indistincts* (1983); *De l’école*
(1984); *Détections fictives* (1985); *Introduction à une science du
langage* (1989); *Archéologie d’un échec *(1993); *L’Œuvre claire: Lacan,
la science et la philosophie* (1995); *Le Salaire de l’idéal* (1997); *Le
Triple du plaisir* (1997); *Mallarmé au tombeau* (1999); *Les penchants
criminels de l'Europe démocratique* (2003); *Existe-t-il une vie
intellectuelle en France?* (2002); *Le Périple structural, Figures et
paradigmes* (2002); *Le Pas philosophique de Roland Barthes* (2003); *La
politique des choses* (2005); *Le Juif de savoir* (2007); *L'arrogance du
présent : Regards sur une décennie, 1965-1975* (2009); *Harry Potter. À
l'école des sciences morales et politiques* (2014); *Relire la révolution*
(2016) ; and *Considérations sur la France* (2017).

The colloquium will commence with a keynote lecture by Jean-Claude Milner
and will be followed by three panels on literature, philosophy and
psychoanalysis. This is the first colloquium in an English-speaking country
on Jean-Claude Milner’s work.
MONDAY 3 JULY - Public Lecture

6pm – 8pm

Building 9, first floor, room 024

Jean-Claude Milner *Why did Lacan’s thought play a role in the political
fight against the populist trend in the French elections?*

Hosted by the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy

TUESDAY 4 JULY  - Colloquium

*Venue: *
Deakin Downtown
Level 12, Tower 2
727 Collins Street
Melbourne Victoria 3008
Deakin University

*8:30                      Coffee*

*9:00 – 10:10         Keynote: Jean-Claude Milner, A critical assessment of
my own approach to Lacan’s later work*

*10:10 – 10:30      Coffee*

*10:30 – 12:00      LITERATURE*

   - Robert Boncardo (Sydney) Milner’s Mallarmé
   - Christian Gelder (UNSW) Poetry and Galileanism: Reading Constellations
   in Dante, Poe, and Mallarmé
   - Sigi Jottkandt (UNSW) 'Au tombeau’ with Mallarme, Milner and Nabokov

*12:00 – 1:30         Lunch break (own arrangements)*

*1:30 – 3:00           PHILOSOPHY & POLITICS*

   - Justin Clemens (Melbourne) Knowledge Between Persecution and
   - Knox Peden (ANU) Naming Names
   - Ali Alizadeh (Monash) The Rereader: Jean-Claude Milner and the French

*3:00 – 3:20           Coffee*

*3:20 – 4:50           PSYCHOANALYSIS*

   - David Ferraro (Lacan Circle of Melbourne)  Science's man does not
   exist: Psychoanalysis, scientism, and the structuralist project.
   - Talia Morag (Deakin) TBA
   - Russell Grigg (Deakin) On Lacan, language and lalangue

*5:00 – 5:30           Comments by Jean-Claude Milner*

The Colloquium is part of Jean-Claude Milner’s visit to Melbourne sponsored
by the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, the School of Humanities
and Social Sciences, Deakin University, and the Lacan Circle of Melbourne.

MSCP Convenor,
Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy.
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