[csaa-forum] Monash Media Matters seminar: The Return of Class

Shane Homan shane.homan at monash.edu
Mon May 22 08:04:26 ACST 2017

[Apologies for late notice]

*Monash Media Matters Series*
*School of Media, Film and Journalism*

*22 May, 4.30 – 6.00 pm*
*B5.37 Theatrette, B bldg, Caulfield Campus (map attached)*

*The Return of Class?*

The concept of social class was central in the formation of Media Studies.
In its major forms in Britain, Australia and North America, the development
of the field was substantially embedded within a wider project of
democratisation, associated with the expansion in the second half of the
twentieth century of higher education, broadcasting and the ‘reading
public’. A key question in this context was the mode of participation of
the social majority, then still identified straightforwardly as ‘the
working class’, as they moved into institutions and social spaces that had
previously been relatively closed to them.

Over the last twenty years, the concept has seen a significant recession as
scholars have disowned Marxist paradigms and sought to correct earlier
blindnesses to questions of gender, race, sexual identity and other
dimensions of difference. In post-socialist China, where economic
inequality has become the most pressing social problem, class has been
erased from official discourses. More recently however, there have been
signs of a return to class. This has gained particular momentum since the
Brexit referendum in the UK, the election of Donald Trump in the US and
advances by populist political movements around the world. Where are we
now, then, with the concept of class in studies of media, screen and


Chair: Associate Professor Mark Gibson (School of Media, Film and
Journalism, Monash)

Professor Wanning Sun (Public Communication Program, University of
Technology, Sydney)
Dr Deb Anderson (School of Media, Film and Journalism, Monash)
Associate Professor Tony Moore (School of Media, Film and Journalism,


Associate Professor Shane Homan
Research Coordinator
School of Media, Film and Journalism
Monash University
B4.32, Building B, Caulfield Campus
900 Dandenong Road
Caulfield East VIC 3145

T: 61 3 99032309
E: Shane.Homan at monash.edu

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Access All Eras: Tribute Bands and Global Pop Culture (2006)
Popular Music Industries and the State: Policy Notes (2016)
Popular Music and Cultural Policy (2014)

*Current Grant Projects*
Interrogating the Music City: cultural economy and popular music in
Melbourne (ARC Discovery)
The Economic and Cultural Value of Australian Music Exports (ARC Linkage)

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