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International Sociological Association: XIX World Congress of Sociology,
July 2018

RC34 Sociology of Youth (host committee)

Young people’s identities are largely formed through peer interactions. Yet
much scholarly research on youth transitions has depicted youth as ‘sole
travelers.’ Despite their merits, such studies – centered on biographical
‘turning points’ (McAdams et al 2001) or transitional ‘critical moments’
(Thomson et al 2002) – are often marked by a disinterest in collectivity.
Attempts to account for the relation between the individual and the
collective – say through ‘habitual concordance’ (Bohnsack and Nohl 2003) or
‘collaborative individualization’ (Cuzzocrea and Collins 2015) – have been
few. Similarly, in youth cultural studies, a critique of traditional
Birmingham School accounts of ‘subculture’ and their collective aspects –
often related to the sociologist of ‘tribes,’ Michel Maffesoli – has lost
its energy.

This session responds to this need for theoretical and empirical work that
articulates the complex relations between collectivity and individuals.
This will help us better understand how young people are situated in their
communities and networks; within their generation and across generations;
within austere economic and social conditions; within culture and
subcultures. Could an interest in collectivity make room for new
perspectives on youth disaffection or disengagement? Are contemporary
‘collaboration’ or ‘networking’ practices – demanded by the ‘project
nature’ of late-modern working life – merely instrumental or do they entail
aspects of collectivity and solidarity? What role does collectivity play in
reproducing youth cultures through, for example, social media use,
consumption and leisure?

We invite contributions that critically discuss this across the spectrum of
youth research and from global perspectives.

Session Organizers:
Bjørn SCHIERMER, Erfurt University, Germany, bjornsa at gmail.com,
Valentina CUZZOCREA, University of Erfurt, Germany,
valentinacuzzocrea434 at msn.com
Ben GOOK, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, bgook at unimelb.edu.au


Dr Ben Gook

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 of *Divided Subjects, Invisible Borders: Re-unified Germany after 1989
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