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Dear Friends
Call for Papers: Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference 2017, London 29 August- 1 September, 2017
Listening at the Margins: Thinking, feeling and doing difference
 Session organisers:
Helen F Wilson, Geography, School of Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester, UK
Michele Lobo, Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University, Australia
Kaya Barry, Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, Griffith University, Australia
'Listening to the world is not an automatic faculty, but a skill that needs to be learned' (Back, 2007:7). To listen is to respond and be affected. It is to develop an attentiveness to both the insight and blindness in our accounts, and thus a bodily attunement to that which exists at the edges of comprehension - to that which exists at the margins (hooks, 1989). In this session we ask; how do we situate ourselves so as to be available to the call of others? If world-making depends on uncertainty, how do we learn to be open to uncertainty and how do we engage in world-making across difference (Rose, 2015). Thinking, feeling and doing difference in different institutions, spaces and forms of research creates anxiety, fear, hurt, fatigue, frustration, and misunderstanding (Ahmed, 2012; Lobo, 2014; Nayak, 2017). Such affects and miscommunication can pose a significant challenge to the development of an affirmative politics of belonging and coexistence, at a time when such a politics is already under threat. In grappling with the challenges of listening at the margins, we join scholars that have developed expanded accounts of listening as a means to resist marginalization, decentre the foundations of epistemological approaches, and recentre the unpredictable (Duffy 2009; Plumwood, 2009; Macpherson et al. 2016). In this spirit, we invite submissions that reflect on, or engage, the risky, experimental and creative acts that make forms of listening at the margins possible. This might include contributions from those working in cross-cultural settings or with the diversity of human and more-than-human encounters (Haraway, 2016; Wilson, 2016). It might involve the weaving together of stories and multi-sensory narratives of belonging and coexistence, or the entanglement of diverse knowledge systems. Finally, it might include reflections on different traditions of listening, such as those central to Indigenous and non-western philosophies of difference (Wang Jing, 2012; Lobo, 2017; Kato, 2015; Rose, 2015).
 Methodological, theoretical and empirical papers are all welcome! Please send abstracts of 250 words by 14th February 2017 to the session organisers: Helen F Wilson: helen.f.wilson at manchester.ac.uk<mailto:helen.f.wilson at manchester.ac.uk> Michele Lobo: michele.lobo at deakin.edu.au<mailto:michele.lobo at deakin.edu.au> and Kaya Barry: kaya.barry at research.deakin.edu.au<mailto:kaya.barry at research.deakin.edu.au>
Ahmed, S. (2012). On being included: Racism and diversity in institutional life. Duke University Press, DurhamBack, L., 2007. The art of listening. Berg, London.
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Lobo, M. (2014). Everyday multiculturalism: Catching the bus in Darwin, Australia   Social & Cultural Geography, 15(7), 714-729.
Lobo, M. (2017). Re-framing the creative city: Fragile friendships and affective art spaces in Darwin, Australia. Special issue article: Urban friendship networks: Affective negotiations in the city. Urban Studies, 1-16.Macpherson, H., Fox, A., Street, S., Cull, J., Jenner, T., Lake, D., Lake, M. and Hart, S., 2016. Listening space: Lessons from artists with and without learning disabilities. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 34(2), pp.371-389.Nayak, A., 2017. Purging the nation: race, conviviality and embodied encounters in the lives of British Bangladeshi Muslim young women. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. DOI: 10.1111/tran.12168
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Wang Jing, A. (2012). Affective listening: China's experimental music and sound art practice. Journal of sonic studies, 2(1). Available at: http://journal.sonicstudies.org/vol02/nr01/a11Wilson, H.F., 2016. On geography and encounter Bodies, borders, and difference. Progress in Human Geography, p.0309132516645958.
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Michele Lobo

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