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Subject: Screening: Nature in the Dark (Melbourne)

Nature in the Dark is back - with a second edition of artist videos. It
will be screened as part of the Sightlines conference at RMIT. Flyer

Nature in the Dark 2
Video screening & panel discussion

7 artist videos re-purposing underwater survey material from marine
national parks along the Victorian shore

Tickets (Eventbrite): http://bit.ly/2focRKb

Date and Time
Mon 28 November 2016
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM AEDT

SAB Cinema, RMIT University
Building 80, Level 1, Room 2
427-433 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Panel participants:
⁃ Caitlin Griffith, citizen science, Victorian National Parks Association
⁃ Stefan Howe, marine scientist, Parks Victoria
⁃ Georgina Butterfield, philosopher & independent researcher
⁃ Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier, curator, RMIT University

NITD 2 artists: Jenny Fraser, Radiance (Rose Staff), Olaf Meyer, Kim
Munro, Michael Carmody, Hugh Davies & Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier

Showcasing animal life from Victoria, Australia, Nature in the Dark
(NITD) invited artists to create video works inspired by ecological
habitat surveys from the Victorian National Parks land and water. Video
and photographs originally used to identify animals and population sizes
are now creatively re-purposed to create works of art. Entering this
art/science conversation from different points of view, artists,
scientists and local communities share the same concern of gaining a
better understanding of native wild life and the environments around us.

Nature in the Dark as the name for the project collaboration between
Victorian National Parks Association, Parks Victoria and La Trobe
University came about, firstly, because literally speaking we are often
still “in the dark” when it comes to our understanding of ecology.
Secondly, by looking at the survey videos and photographs, one of their
most prominent feature was that these motion-triggered cameras were
mostly activated at night by nocturnal animals. Extending the
established project formula Nature in the Dark 2 invited seven artists
to explore the underwater realm of the Victorian shore line.

Having an art/science conversation as its point of departure the NITD
videos are a new form of screen production and creative research that
attempts “to make sense” of these kind of human/non-human encounters.
Taking into consideration that we can never entirely escape our own
‘bubbles’ of subjective experience and therefore cannot really ‘think
like a mountain’ (Leopold & Sewell 2001). Just as we can never really
understand what it is to be an albatross, zooplankton, a coral reef, or
an ocean.

NITD 2 features video footage and photographs from the Merry Marine
Sanctuary, Bunurong Marine National Park, Flinders Pier, Point Addis
Marine National Park, Merri Marine Sanctuary, Marengo Reefs Marine
Sanctuary, Flinders Pier, Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary, Corner Inlet
Marine National Park, Churchill Island Marine National Park, Beware Reef
Marine Sanctuary, Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Arches
Formations Port Campbell, Yaringa Marine National Park, in Victoria,

NITD 2 was made possible through the support of Victoria National Parks
Association's (VNPA) Reefwatch and Parks Victoria with special thanks to
Steffan Howe and Mark Rodrigue.
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