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> This may be of interest to CSAAers.
Vera Mackie
University of Wollongong
vera at uow.edu.au

> Popular representations of development: creating global alliances or
> reproducing inequalities?
> *The Centre for Critical Human Rights Research*
> *presents a Public Lecture by *
> *Professor Uma Kothari (University of Manchester, UK)*
> *Room 67.101, University of Wollongong*
*4:30 to 6:00, Thursday 17 November.*
> Most people gain their knowledge about poverty and inequality and other
> development-related concerns from very public representations of the lives
> of other people in distant places. Indeed, since the 1980s there has been a
> vast proliferation of campaigns, charity adverts, musical movements, fair
> trade marketing, celebrity endorsements, and media promotions to support
> international development. But do these popular representations of
> international development concerns, and the diverse public spheres in which
> engagements with development take place, have the potential to instill
> ideas of global interconnectedness, produce an ethos of care for distant
> suffering others and forge new kinds of global alliances? Or do popular,
> visual images and the increasing involvement of public figures, celebrities
> and the media reproduce global inequalities, obscure the structural
> realities of poverty and, rather than forging a common humanity, reinforce
> hierarchies between people and places? This lecture explores these issues
> through an analysis of historical and contemporary representations of
> international development and the use of popular, visual campaigns to
> strengthen global connections.
> Uma Kothari <http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/uma.kothari> is
> Professor of Migration and Postcolonial Studies and Director of the Global
> Development Institute in the School of Environment, Education and
> Development at University of Manchester. Her research interests include
> international development and humanitarianism and migration, refugees and
> diasporas. Her research has involved a number of funded projects, most
> recently an Australian Research Council project on International
> Volunteering and Cosmopolitanism, and a Norwegian Research Council project
> on Perceptions of Climate Change and Migration. Her current research is on
> Visual Solidarity and Everyday Humanitarianism. She has published numerous
> articles. Her books include Participation: the new tyranny? (2001),
> Development Theory and Practice: critical perspectives (2001), and A
> Radical History of Development Studies (2005). She is currently writing a
> book on Time, Geography and Global Inequalities. She was recently made a
> Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and conferred the Royal
> Geographical Society’s Busk Medal for her contributions to research in
> support of global development.
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