[csaa-forum] Popular representations of development: creating global alliances or reproducing inequalities?

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Popular representations of development: creating global alliances or
reproducing inequalities?

*The Centre for Critical Human Rights Research*

*presents a Public Lecture by *

*Professor Uma Kothari (University of Manchester, UK)*
*Room 67.101, 4:30 to 6:00, Thursday 17 November.*

Most people gain their knowledge about poverty and inequality and other
development-related concerns from very public representations of the lives
of other people in distant places. Indeed, since the 1980s there has been a
vast proliferation of campaigns, charity adverts, musical movements, fair
trade marketing, celebrity endorsements, and media promotions to support
international development. But do these popular representations of
international development concerns, and the diverse public spheres in which
engagements with development take place, have the potential to instill
ideas of global interconnectedness, produce an ethos of care for distant
suffering others and forge new kinds of global alliances? Or do popular,
visual images and the increasing involvement of public figures, celebrities
and the media reproduce global inequalities, obscure the structural
realities of poverty and, rather than forging a common humanity, reinforce
hierarchies between people and places? This lecture explores these issues
through an analysis of historical and contemporary representations of
international development and the use of popular, visual campaigns to
strengthen global connections.

[image: Uma Kothari]

Uma Kothari <http://www.manchester.ac.uk/research/uma.kothari> is Professor
of Migration and Postcolonial Studies and Director of the Global
Development Institute in the School of Environment, Education and
Development at University of Manchester. Her research interests include
international development and humanitarianism and migration, refugees and
diasporas. Her research has involved a number of funded projects, most
recently an Australian Research Council project on International
Volunteering and Cosmopolitanism, and a Norwegian Research Council project
on Perceptions of Climate Change and Migration. Her current research is on
Visual Solidarity and Everyday Humanitarianism. She has published numerous
articles. Her books include Participation: the new tyranny? (2001),
Development Theory and Practice: critical perspectives (2001), and A
Radical History of Development Studies (2005). She is currently writing a
book on Time, Geography and Global Inequalities. She was recently made a
Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and conferred the Royal
Geographical Society’s Busk Medal for her contributions to research in
support of global development.

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