[csaa-forum] Travel Grants - 2016 PhD Winter School on Participation & Communication at Jinan University

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Call for Travel Grants for the 2016 PhD Winter School on Participation & 
Communication at Jinan University

The 2016 PhD Winter School on participation & communication will provide 
a limited number of individual travel grants for PhD Winter School 

A travel grant covers the travel cost to and from Guangzhou, and is 
funded by the College of Journalism & Communication of Jinan University.


1. In order to apply for the travel grant, please send your travel grant 
application, together with your application for participation in PhD 
Winter School, to jnwinterschool2016 at 126.com. This needs to be done 
before the application deadline of 10 October 2016.

2. The application for a travel grant consists out of two documents:
A./a motivation letter, in which you explain why the travel grant should 
be awarded to you, and in which you mention whether you will be able to 
attend the PhD winter school in the case that you would not receive a 
travel grant.
B./a separate document listing your 1/name, 2/date of birth, 3/country 
of birth, 4/gender, 5/country of residence, 6/nationality(ies), 
7/university affiliation, and 8/the starting date of your PhD studies.

3. The selection of travel grants will be based on the quality of the 
abstract submitted to the PhD Winter School, and on participant 
diversity. In order to qualify for a travel grant, the application for 
participation in the PhD Winter School needs to have been approved as well.

4. If your travel grant application has been approved, the winter school 
will contact you asap in order to proceed with the travel arrangements. 
You will be asked to confirm your attendance. Jinan University also 
reserves the right to request travel grant awardees for additional 
information, in order to ensure Winter School participation.

5. In all travel grant relevant matters, Jinan University holds the 
final decision, but will use that right responsibly and respectfully.

6. Because of the limited number of grants and the high level of 
competition, we strongly advise you to apply for financial support from 
your university or through other channels, even if you apply for a 
Winter School travel grant.

Detailed information about the PhD Winter School on Participation & 
Communication can be found at http://iamcr.org/s-wg/PCR-winterschool

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