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At the Edges of Citizenship: Book Launch and Panel

Come to the Red Rattler for the launch of the book At the Edges of
Citizenship: Security and the Constitution of Non-citizen Subjects.

Join Katie Hepworth (author) and Safdar Ahmed, Louise Boon-Kuo and Maria
Giannacopoulos for a drink and a discussion of the book, touching on race,
citizenship, policing and migrant "crises".

Where: Red Rattler Theatre, Faversham St Marrickville
When: 7pm, 13th July 2016

Katie Hepworth is a researcher and organiser whose work focuses on race,
citizenship and migration. Her book, At the Edges of Citizenship, argues
that citizenship is not just a collection of rights that can be either
possessed or endowed; it is continually and contingently reconstituted
through struggles between "insiders" and "outsiders".

Safdar Ahmed is a Sydney-based artist and academic in the field of Islamic
studies. He is the author of 'Reform and Modernity in Islam' and the
Walkley award winning web-comic, 'Villawood: Notes from an immigration
detention centre'. Safdar is a founding member of the community-art
organisation, Refugee Art Project, for which he conducts regular workshops
with asylum seekers and refugees in the Villawood detention centre.

Louise Boon-Kuo researches and writes about border policing, practices of
criminalisation, and responsibility for power. Recent research includes a
co-authored report titled *Building Peace in Permanent War: Terrorist
Listing and Conflict Transformation* and *Policing Migrant Illegality in
Australia* (forthcoming 2017, Routledge).

Maria Giannacopoulos is Senior Lecturer in Socio-Legal Studies and
Postgraduate Director at Flinders Law School in Adelaide. She conducts
critical interdisciplinary research in the areas of sovereignty,
colonialism and borders. Her current research project is titled "Global
Colonialities: Sovereign Debt, Austerity and Neo-Liberal Assimilation" and
interconnects the effaced sovereign debt crisis of Australia with the
imperialising economic order in contemporary Greece.

For more information about the book see:
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