[csaa-forum] borderlands special issue, 14.2, The Limits of Responsibility

Anne Begg anne.begg at otago.ac.nz
Sun Jun 5 10:46:21 ACST 2016

Dear All

I am very pleased to advise that borderlands special issue, 14.2, 'The Limits of Responsibility' is now available online: http://www.borderlands.net.au/issues/vol14no2.html 

This special issue brings together a very substantial body of research examining the concept of responsibility both in terms of its theoretical dimensions and its uptake in various sociopolitical contexts. As the editors point out, 'The contributors to this special issue all take issue with any notion of responsibility that is couched within the terms of calculated, self-interested decision-making. In the context of complex and disturbing national histories, they ask how responsibility can serve what is just, not merely what is required by law or politically expedient'. The essays contained in this issue explore 'The Limits of Responsibility' from diverse perspectives, contexts and national histories and, together, produce insightful and comprehensive critical analysis of this topical and important concept.

We are very grateful to the editors, Jennifer Lawn, Celina Bortolotto, Kim Worthington and Allen Meek for their efforts and commitment and, in particular, I wish to thank Jenny Lawn for her input and expertise in the copyediting and compilation of this publication. Congratulations to all the authors who contributed articles: Emily Beausoleil, James Meffan, Allen Meek, Simone Bignall, Daryle Rigney, Robert Hattam, Nicholas Allen and Walescka Pino-Ojeda. It has been a pleasure working with you all. Your contribution to borderlands is very much appreciated.

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