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Apologies for cross-posting. Please forward the following information on to
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MSCP Philosophy Summer School 2016

The MSCP Philosophy Summer School 2016 starts next week on Monday 11 Jan.
We have 10 courses on offer all taught on campus at the University of
Melbourne, Parkville. All the courses are 10 hours in length and they
involve no assessment or entry requirements. Fees start at $80.

When: 11 Jan - 26 Feb, 2016
Where: Law Building, Pelham st.,  University of Melbourne
Full Details and enrolment here:


Summer School Programme

Mondays (2 hours per week for 5 weeks)

2-4pm Starting 11 Jan
Ethics, riots and the real: Badiou's 'politics'
Lecturer: Dr Adam Bartlett

4-6pm Starting 11 Jan
Selves and others: Phenomenological, psychological and neuroscientific
Lecturer: Dr Anya Daly

6-8pm Starting 11 Jan
The relational Forms of the Everyday I: Strangers and Friends
Lecturer: Sergio Mariscal

Wednesday (2 hours per week for 5 weeks)

11-1pm Starting 13 Jan
Cinema's Naturalisms
Lecturer: Mairead Phillips

2-4pm Starting 13 Jan
Hölderlin – Poetry and Modernity
Lecturer: Dr Mark Hewson

4-6pm Starting 13 Jan
Post-secular Nietzsche
Lecturer: Dr John Mandalios

6-8pm Starting 13 Jan
Catherine Malabou: Philosopher of Mutable, Resistant and Explosive Form
Lecturer: Bryan Cooke

Monday-Friday (2 hours per day for 5 days)

11-1pm 22-26 Feb
Thinking with Sex
Lecturer: Dr Peter Banki

2-4pm 22-26 Feb
Art, Wisdom, Madness: "lost in the shadows of man"
Lecturer: Jon Rubin

4-6pm 22-26 Feb
The Philosopher of Consciousness Meets the Antiphilosopher of the
Unconscious: Sartre and Lacan
Lecturer: Dr Robert Boncardo

Full Details and Enrolment:
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