[csaa-forum] 'The Zombie University & Eating Braaaaains', Brabazon, Thurs 19/11, USYD, 2pm

Gerard Goggin gerard.goggin at sydney.edu.au
Wed Nov 11 09:20:35 ACST 2015

For everyone who is interested in disability, diversity, and social justice in higher education …

'Don’t fear the reaper? The Zombie University and eating braaaaains'

Presented by Tara Brabazon<http://www.csu.edu.au/faculty/educat/teached/staff/profiles/head/tara-brabazon>
Professor of Education and Head of School of Teacher Education, Charles Sturt University

2pm-4pm, Thursday 19 November –  RSVP at http://bit.ly/1PB6n78
Seminar Room (S226), Department of Media and Communications
John Woolley Building (A20), level 2, University of Sydney (entry off Manning Road; map<http://sydney.edu.au/maps/campuses/?area=CAMDAR>)


What has happened to our universities after the Global Financial Crisis?  How many vision statements, strategic plans, subplans and key performance indicators does a university need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse?  Tara asks if the zombie concept, explored by Ulrich Beck in the early 2000s, can now be applied to our universities.  Combining higher education studies and zombie studies, Tara’s seminar reveals the barriers and blockages to an enabling university.  Put another way, are you a walker or a thinker


Tara Brabazon is the Professor of Education and Head of the School of Teacher Education at Charles Sturt University (Australia), Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce (RSA) and Director of the Popular Culture Collective. Tara has worked in eight universities in four countries.  She has won six teaching awards, including the National Teaching Award for the Humanities, and has published 17 books and over 180 refereed articles and book chapters. Her more recent books are titled Digital Dieting:  From Information Obesity to Intellectual Fitness (Ashgate, 2013), City Imaging:  Regeneration, Renewal, Decline (Springer, 2013), Unique Urbanity (Springer, 2014) and EnablingUniversity:  Impairment, (Dis)ability and Social Justice (Springer, 2015).  For further information about Tara, please refer to www.brabazon.net<http://www.brabazon.net>.  Her email address is tbrabazon at csu.edu.a<mailto:tbrabazon at csu.edu.au>u

Information: For further information or access requirement enquiries, please contact Gerard Goggin: gerard.goggin at sydney.edu.au or 9114 1218.

Gerard Goggin
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