[csaa-forum] Casting Off the Cultural Strait-Jacket: Art and Multiculturalism Today (2 December, MPavilion)

Timothy Laurie timothy.laurie at unimelb.edu.au
Mon Sep 28 12:04:25 ACST 2015


6.30pm, 2 December, MPavilion (Southbank, Melbourne)

Is the spirit of multiculturalism still alive in Australia today? Is it relevant? And who decides what it means, anyway? Join us for a lively Wednesday night panel discussion featuring voices from the arts, the social sector and academia: Nikos Papastergiadis, director of the Research Unit in Public Cultures; Moya McFadzean, senior curator of migration and cultural diversity in the humanities department at Museum Victoria; Nur Shkembi, Muslim artist and curator; Nicholas Tsoutas, independent curator and writer; and Ghassan Hage, Lebanese-Australian academic. Discussing the role of the arts in challenging subscribed conversations about multiculturalism, the panel will attempt to unpack exactly who shapes our cultural diversity discourse. Hold on to your pew once the dust settles: the hour-long conversation will wind down (or up) with the psychedelic garage-pop sounds of Empat Lima. A dreamy occasion for further healthy rumination.

In collaboration with the Minor Culture Conference and the Research Unit in Public Cultures at The University of Melbourne and MPavilion.
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