[csaa-forum] Researchers Against Pacific Black Sites

Margaret Mayhew mayhemrox at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 11:38:45 ACST 2015

Dear colleagues,

I invite you to join a new network that has been established in light of
the mistreatment of asylum seekers in offshore detention centres and
"quasi-colonies" such as Nauru.

Many of us teach or work with contemporary critical ideas on the
marginality and liminality of particular human subjects, and it would be
great if we can link this to a more proactive role as public intellectuals,
supporting the work that is being done by whistleblowers and asylum seekers
networks to monitor and report what is occuring in Australia's Ofshore
detention gulags.

the website of the network is here, and I urge CSAA members to join, and to
use the work of network members in our teaching and research.

Kind Regards

Dr. Margaret Mayhew, Melbourne
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