[csaa-forum] "Active citizenship of Muslims in Australia and Germany" seminar, Thursday 24 September

Isabelle deSolier Isabelle.deSolier at vu.edu.au
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The Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing at Victoria University invites you to join us for this fascinating and timely seminar on 'Active Citizenship of Muslims in Australia and Germany' by Dr Mario Peucker.

When:   Thursday 24  September 4-5pm
Where:  VU at MetroWest
                 138 Nicholson St
RSVP:     kim.richardson at vu.edu.au<mailto:kim.richardson at vu.edu.au>

'Active Citizenship of Muslims in Australia and Germany'

In this seminar Mario will present selected findings from his recently concluded research project on active citizenship of Muslims in Australia and Germany.

Based on in-depth interviews with self-declared Muslims who have been actively engaged in various forms of civic and political participation in Australia and Germany, this study revealed the enormous complexity and diversity of Muslims' active citizenship in both countries.

The presentation will focus on some key findings of this international comparative study:
   * How does Muslims' participation unfold over time?
   * What goals do active Muslims pursue with their civic and political
   * How do they perceive and respond to experiences of exclusion and the
      prevalent Muslim-sceptical or hostile public climate?
   * What role does their Islamic faith play for their active participation?

The answers to these questions are often quite surprising and fundamentally question some widespread myths about Muslims' citizenship in Western liberal democracies.

About the speaker

Dr Mario Peucker is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing at Victoria University.

He has carried out numerous research projects in Europe and Australia in the area of cultural and religious diversity, exclusion and citizenship since 2003.

Mario is co-author of the recent book 'Muslim Active Citizenship in the West' (Routledge 2014) and has undertaken consultation for the UN Special Rapporteur on Racism; the Council of Europe; the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE); and the Australian Commission for Human Rights.

In the past five years his research has focused on Muslims' civic and political participation in Australia and other western countries.

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