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Dear CSAA colleagues,

My book, *Film and Politics in India: Cinematic Charisma as a Gateway to
Political Power*, has been published recently through Peter Lang
International Academic Publishers (Switzerland). Please recommend it to
your local library.

Book synopsis

In the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, all five of the Chief Ministers
since 1967 have been former actors. This provocative book debunks the
notion of Bollywood as the synecdoche of Indian cinema to explore the
hitherto less studied, yet highly influential cinema in South Asia.
Developing the concept of the politics of sentiment, the author examines
the ways in which actor-politicians constructed their cinematic charisma,
projecting themselves as messiahs saving the people from injustices, to
create a political appeal to voters. The resilience of cinematic charisma,
as Indian society undergoes massive socio-economic changes, provides a
compelling study of modern politics, cinema, celebrity and the culture of
the subcontinent.


Thank you very much.



sp.dhamu at gmail.com


*"Men can live without justice, and generally must, but they cannot live
without hope." - Eric Hobsbawm*
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