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Hi everyone,

Just an update on 'Minor Culture' 2015. We're very lucky to have an additional keynote, Professor Tejaswini Niranjana (Centre for the Study of Culture & Society, Bangalore), as well as a handful of additional speakers (see below). Further information about the Prefix Day and Panel Proposals is also included in the revised CFP. Keep your abstracts coming in (our deadline is June 1), and feel free to email with questions!


Call for Papers: Minor Culture 2015

Conference for the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia
The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
w: culture-communication.unimelb.edu.au/events/minor-culture-conference

November 30: Prefix Postgraduate Day
December 1-3: Minor Culture Conference


Minor Culture creates a space for inter-disciplinary dialogues around the study of place, identity and marginality, and addresses research on everyday cultural productions and media texts, cultural policy and discourses of sustainability, digital life and creative industries, and public cultures in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference also invites responses to the following questions:

  *   How are minor cultures inhabited? When do minor cultures become uninhabitable?
  *   Is the concept of minority still useful in explaining contemporary forms of cultural marginality?
  *   How do categories such as indigeneity and Aboriginality, gender and sexuality, class, disability, race and citizenship produce minoritising effects? How might these categories change when mobilised through governmental discourses, newsmedia, and everyday usage?
  *   Who narrates experiences of minoritisation? For whom are these narratives produced? How is minoritarianism articulated through film, music, television, literature, performance, and digital cultures?
  *   In what ways do practices of government and cultural policy shape relationships between local, national and transnational cultures? To what extent are legal regulations implicated in the formation of minoritarian practices?
  *   How do new minor or major cultural formations emerge? Through which means do political practices resist or intervene in these formations?
  *   Do minor cultures require novel theoretical tools or research methodologies? What do "experimental" approaches to cultural research look like? What alternative kinds of knowledge could such approaches make available?
  *   Is minority a humanist concept? What place could "majority" and "minority" have within post-anthropocentric thinking?
  *   And when do minor cultures cease to be minor?

Keynote Speakers

Distinguished Professor Ien Ang (University of Western Sydney)
Professor Jose Neil C. Garcia (University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City) Professor Meaghan Morris (University of Sydney & Lingnan University, Hong Kong) Professor Tejaswini Niranjana (Centre for the Study of Culture & Society, Bangalore; Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai; Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

Invited Speakers
Dennis Altman, Tony Bennett, Gemma Blackwood, Tony Birch, Vijay Devadas, Catherine Driscoll, Gilbert Caluya, Ghassan Hage, Koichi Iwabuchi, Peter Jackson, Sue Luckman, Mark McLelland, Stephen Muecke, Greg Noble, Rosemary Overell, Michelle Phillipov, Elspeth Probyn, Katrina Schlunke, Katsuhiko Suganuma, Graeme Turner, and Nabeel Zuberi.

Prefix Postgraduate Day
The Prefix postgraduate day in 2015 will be divided into two halves, the first involving seminars and workshops on publishing in Cultural Studies (and adjacent disciplines), and the second involving discussions of Cultural Studies research outside the academy. Invited speakers include Professor Greg Noble (University of Western Sydney) and Associate Professor Chris Healy (University of Melbourne), with additional speakers to be confirmed. These sessions will be followed by a social networking even, then drinks and nibbles in Carlton (near the University of Melbourne). Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher participants in ‘Minor Culture’ will automatically be accepted into the Prefix day.

Please email csaa2015 at lists.unimelb.edu.au<mailto:csaa2015 at lists.unimelb.edu.au> by 1 June 2015 with:

  *   An abstract (250 words max.)
  *   A title for the presentation (15 words max.)
  *   A short bio (30 words max.) Include your name, email address, degree level and institutional affiliation. This should be included both in the body of the email and as an attachment

Panel Proposals
Panel proposals are welcome. In addition to submitting a 250 word abstract for each presenter, please submit an abstract (100 words) and a title (15 words max.) for the panel as a whole to csaa2015 at lists.unimelb.edu.au<mailto:csaa2015 at lists.unimelb.edu.au>. As we have a tight schedule this year, panels will be limited to three persons each. Presenters will be notified of their acceptance no later than 1 July 2015.

Postgraduate Travel Bursaries
Travel bursaries will be made available to a limited number of postgraduates and Early Career Researchers attending ‘Minor Culture’. More information will be made available shortly, but if you have any urgent questions about funding support for the conference, please email csaa2015 at lists.unimelb.edu.au<mailto:csaa2015 at lists.unimelb.edu.au>.

Conference Co-convenors
Dr Rimi Khan & Dr Timothy Laurie
(Screen and Cultural Studies, The University of Melbourne)

Conference Organising Committee at The University of Melbourne
Assoc. Professor Chris Healy (Screen and Cultural Studies)
Assoc. Professor Fran Martin (Screen and Cultural Studies)
Assoc. Professor Scott McQuire (Media and Communications)
Professor Angela Ndalianis (Screen and Cultural Studies)
Professor Nikos Papastergiadis (Director of the Research Unit in Public Cultures)
Assoc. Professor Audrey Yue (Screen and Cultural Studies)

w: culture-communication.unimelb.edu.au/events/minor-culture-conference
w: facebook.com/events/1376299406028329/

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