[csaa-forum] SISR seminar, Deborah Lupton: A Sociomaterialist Perspective on 3D Printed Digital Body Objects in Medicine and Health, Friday, 17 April 2015

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Fri Apr 10 18:08:05 ACST 2015

Swinburne Institute for Social Research - Seminar Series

*Presenter: Deborah Lupton, University of Canberra*

*Title: A Sociomaterialist Perspective on 3D Printed Digital Body Objects
in Medicine and Health *

*Date: Friday, 17 April 2015 *

*Time: 12:00-1:00pm *

*Venue: BA802-803*

The advent of 3D printing technologies has generated new ways of
representing and conceptualising health and illness, medical practice and
the body. There are many social, cultural and political implications of 3D
printing, but a critical sociology of 3D printing is only beginning to
emerge. In this paper I seek to contribute to this nascent literature by
addressing some of the ways in which 3D printing technologies are being
used to convert digital data collected on human bodies and fabricate them
into tangible forms that can be touched and held. I focus in particular on
the use of 3D printing to manufacture non-organic replicas of individuals’
bodies, body parts or bodily functions and activities. In analysing these
new forms of human bodies, I draw on sociomaterialist perspectives as well
as the recent work of scholars who have sought to reflect on selfhood,
embodiment, place and space in digital society and the nature of people’s
interactions with digital data. The paper ends with some speculations about
where these technologies may be headed and outlining future research

*Deborah Lupton *is Centenary Research Professor in the News & Medical
Research Centre, Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra. She is a
sociologist who over an academic career of over two decades has published
extensively on the sociocultural dimensions of digital technologies;
medicine and public health; risk; the body; food; obesity politics; and
pregnancy and parenting. Deborah’s current research interests include
self-tracking, data practices and cultures and digital health technologies.
She is the author/co-authored of 14 books and is currently working on two
new books: one on self-tracking and the other on critical digital health

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