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May be of interest to those colleagues based in Auckland...
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Professor Sean Cubitt of Goldsmiths, London will be speaking at the Auckland Art Gallery at 6.00pm on Wednesday 8 April (details below). This talk is part of Prof Cubitt's visit to Aotearoa-New Zealand as part of the Working with Nature conference, to be held at Massey University, Palmerston North on the 10th and 11th of April (registration is still open and further details are available at https://workingwnature.wordpress.com/)

The Problem of Place in Landscape Film/Video Art
Sean Cubitt
Auckland Art Gallery Wednesday 8 April 2015 at 6pm

ABSTRACT: Landscape is always irrevocably historical. The fields, hills and woods we see in artists' films and videos have been shaped by millennia of occupation and use. A river is as much a human project as a city. At the same time, social geographers and anthropologists suggest that today we are far less anchored to places, where a place is defined by memory and tradition, and far more likely to inhabit a neutral kind of space. It is also true that places are not solely human artefacts, and that they involve geology, weather and wildlife in their formation. Meanwhile it is too often the case that environmentalists are more concerned with the fate of nature than with the humans who live amongst it. In this talk, with the aid of a number of extracts from film and video art, I want to discuss how space and place combine and change when artists take on the task of mediating between human and non-human histories and ways of inhabiting the world.

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