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Dear CSAA-ers,
The latest issue of Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, a special issue entitled, “The White Man’s Burden ‘After Race’”, is now online. Edited by David Jefferess, the issue features articles which examine the intersections of white privilege, racisms and development and humanitarian work. The issue also features general papers on international student aid in Australia, culturalisation as a new form of racialisation and white defensive rhetorics in South Africa. Finally, book reviews of Veronica T. Watson’s The Souls of White Folk and Stephen Hopgood’s The Endtimes of Human Rights appear in the issue.
Please also remember to check out our 10th Anniversary Issue (10.2) which features a re-print of some of our greatest hits, including essays by Aileen Moreton-Robinson, Suvendrini Perera and Sara Ahmed alongside new essays by Fiona Nicoll on whiteness, neoliberalism and the academy and a critical reflection on Stuart Hall’s contributions to CRWS by Kieran Connell.

V11.1 2015: The White Man’s Burden ‘After Race’<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/ejournal/?id=61>
Edited by David Jefferess Editorial<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/editorials/61Jefferess2015111.pdf>


David J. Leonard
Remixing the Burden: Kony 2012 and the wages of whiteness<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/251Leonard2015111.pdf>

Lene Bull Christiansen
‘Africa is a national cause’: Race and nation in development aid communication—A Danish case study<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/253Christiansen2015111.pdf>

Kristin Burnett, Travis Hay and Lori Chambers
Settling the Table: Northern Food Subsidy Programs and the (Re)Colonisation of Indigenous Bodies<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/254Burnettetal2015111.pdf>

Zoë Gross
(De)Constructing Whiteness, Power, and ‘Others’ with Access: International Development and Transnational Interracial Intimacies in East Africa<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/255Gross2015111.pdf>


Maria Elena Indelicato
Australia’s “Colombo Plan”: the Beacon of Western Knowledge in the Asia-Pacific Region<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/257Indelicato2015111.pdf>

Saladdin Ahmed
Culture as ‘Ways of Life’ or a Mask of Racism? Culturalisation and the Decline of Universalist Views<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/258Ahmed2015111.pdf>

Scott M. Schönfeldt-Aultman
Whiteness Attacked, Whiteness Defended: White South African Rhetorics of Race in JULUKA Newsletter<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/259Schonfeldt_Aultman2015111.pdf>


Kendra Marston
Veronica T. Watson. 2013. The Souls of White Folk: African-American Writers Theorize Whiteness, Jackson: University Press of Mississippi.<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/252Marston2015111.pdf>

Brian R. Gilbert
Stephen Hopgood. 2013. The Endtimes of Human Rights, Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.<http://www.acrawsa.org.au/files/ejournalfiles/256Gilbert2015111.pdf>

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