[csaa-forum] New book on Japanese fashion, gender and popular culture

AliceClipsJapan . sifare.d at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 17:58:52 ACST 2015

I apologise for self-promotion, but my new (and first) book has just been
released. The book, *Japanese Fashion Cultures* (Bloomsbury Academic,
2014), which is based on my doctoral thesis, examines a complex
relationship between the aesthetics of fashion, culture and gender identity
within contemporary Japan, and its relevance to a transnational world.

This book will be ideal for any of you who teach gender and popular
culture, the body and dress, and cultural globalization, let alone
contemporary Japanese/Asian cultures. More details can be found at the
publisher's website

Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Kind regards,


Masafumi Monden, PhD
Research Associate
The Faculty of Design, Architecture and Built-environment
University of Technology, Sydney
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