[csaa-forum] Transformations issue 25 released: New Immaterialities

Warwick Mules w.mules at bigpond.com
Tue Dec 2 15:41:20 ACST 2014

Transformations announces the release of issue 25: New Immaterialities


This special issue of Transformations examines the various ways in which
immateriality is encountered, invoked, conceptualised and investigated in
cultural theory and creative practice. ³Immateriality,² as a concept and a
term, regularly surfaces in a time of well-entrenched materialism. New media
arts and the virtual have all been understood, without irony, to be involved
in the ephemeral and the immaterial. Forms and forces often imagined as
incorporeal, such as spectres and hauntings, provide metaphors for
historical and cultural processes. Reflecting on immateriality can be
described as a different angle of approach to and re-imagining of matter. In
this context the bodied and the disembodied are not opposed but reciprocally
permeable. This relationship raises questions about the new places and
practices through which immateriality emerges. Immateriality comes to serve
new explanatory purposes as it shadows and is reconfigured within changing
materialisms. ...

Immateriality, Affectivity, Experimentation: Queer Science and
Lisa Blackman
Lumumba¹s Ghosts: Immaterial Matters and Matters Immaterial in Sven
Augustijnen¹s Spectres
Esther Peeren

The Heritage Village: Sifting through Immaterial Histories of Land
Aleksandra Kaminska & Janine Marchessault
Towards a Meteorology of the Media
Stephen Groening
Interruptions: Reconsidering the Immaterial in Human Engagements with
Eleanor Sandry & Michele Willson
Observations on Telepathy and the Transference-Love in Freud and Derrida
Mara Steele

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