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Deletion—Deviation: The Perversions of Science Fiction
Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce the keynote speakers: Professor Barbara Creed (Uni of Melb) and Professor Anne Cranny-Francis (UTS).

Science Fiction exists in a state of tension between the pleasurable and the perverse — of the pleasure gained from its fictive forms, and the perversions of facts and flesh within its speculative futures, imagined worlds and Decreative appropriations of technological innovation.

There is an immutable thread that runs throughout science fiction, that which “distinguishes its fictional worlds to one degree or another from the world in which we live” (Roberts, 2000), worlds perhaps characterised by Darko Suvin’s ‘estrangement’ or Samuel Delaney’s ‘reading/writing effects.’ The ways in which this distinction is maintained traces the nebulous line between the pleasurable and perverse in science fiction. How does the pleasure of its fiction collide with the perversions of the ‘world in which we live’?

This symposium looks to the very edge of science fictional possibilities, at the many perversions and pleasures that can take place when pushing the boundaries of science fictional imaginings.
Possible topics for papers may include:

Perversion(s) of science fact in science fiction
Environmental perversions in science fiction
Perversions of the body in science fiction
Queer imaginings in SF
Sex in SF
Perverse pleasure in science fiction
Trauma in SF

​Perverse greed in SF
SF and psychosexuality(s)
Acts of violence in SF texts
The perverse imagination and science fiction
Perverse characters/perverse worlds
Perversions of form in science fiction cinema
The perverse “What If?”

Deletion—Deviation: The Perversions of Science Fiction will take place February 19th and 20th Deakin University’s City Prime location, 3/550 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia. Keynote presentations by Professor Barbara Creed (Uni of Melbourne) and Professor Anne Cranny Francis (UTS).

We invite contributions that address any of these areas around the deviant or perverse in of literature, film, gaming, art, and science and technology, and any other field with an investment in the deviant or perverse in science fiction.
This symposium will allow for a future edited collection on the open access online forum for science fiction studies Deletion (www.deletionscifi.org), aiming for publication in mid 2015.

We welcome abstracts of 300-350 words, along with a short biography, emailed to grady.hancock at deakin.edu.au<mailto:grady.hancock at deakin.edu.au> or leon.marvell at deakin.edu.au<mailto:leon.marvell at deakin.edu.au>

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