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Sat Sep 27 21:39:13 ACST 2014

 On behalf of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) board, I am
pleased to announce that the Fall edition of our newsletter *Celebrity
Culture and Social Inquiry *Vol. 4 has been published.

Highlights include:


   Dr Mira Moshe's anthology The* Emotions Industry* featured on Nova
   Publishers home page under the "What's Special for September" section.
   Relations between fame and emotions theorized in Chapter 12.

   Dr Nandana Bose's latest contributions in celebrity studies and
   Bollywood stardom

   Dr. Anita Krajnc raises $36,000 in 3 weeks for mass education and

   Critical and inspirational talk on the 2014 Toronto International Film
   Festival (TIFF)

   *CFP: From Robson Green to Sean Bean: Mapping Northern Stardom on
   Popular British Television*

   *CFP: Be your selfie: identity, aesthetics and power in digital

   *CFP: Consuming/Culture: Women and Girls in Print and Pixels *

   *Cary Grant Comes Home For the Weekend Festival | *11-12 October 2014* |
   Bristol, UK*

   Stardom and Fandom panel

   *Teaching with selfies: new Creative Commons syllabus*

   Doctoral Survey - Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

   *Industrial Approaches to Media: A Methodological Gateway to Industry
   Studies *

You can now access the newsletter for printing or review here

If you would like to discuss a scholarly publication, production, or share
research with our board and readers in our growing research network,
contact us at info at cmc-centre.com
 Visit our website
and send us an e-mail for criteria and details
 Best wishes,

Dr. Samita Nandy and Board
* Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)*

The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) is an international
organization and research network that helps coordinating academic research
and media commentaries on celebrity culture. CMCS carries a pedagogical
philosophy that inspires integration of research and media skills training
in academic and public discourses of fame.  The centre believes in
intellectual, aesthetic, and ethical values of bridging gaps in higher
education and media.  With this view, CMCS helps coordinating research,
publications, creative productions, and media commentaries to restore
artistic and ethical acts for social change.
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