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Tilley, Elspeth E.Tilley at massey.ac.nz
Tue Sep 23 12:25:04 ACST 2014

Hi colleagues
Some of you may be interested in this or may know creative media production people who are. Please pass on, particularly to just-completed PhDs in film or media production looking for a job where their creative practice-as-research will be recognised and encouraged alongside their critical capacity.

Applications are invited for a three-year fixed-term Lectureship specialising in digital media production within the Media Studies and Expressive Arts programmes at Massey University. Digital media production involves the making of screen media texts, the study of the ways in which they construct and convey meaning, and of the social, cultural and political contexts of media production and reception.

(At Massey Wellington we primarily teach this media production strand as part of undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in communication, so the students are generally interested in how this critical/creative specialism in media enhances/supports a communication or creative activism role.)

Applications close on September 28, see more at http://www.thebigidea.co.nz/work/jobs-opportunities/digital-culture/145277-lecturer-media-studies


Elspeth Tilley
Associate Professor, School of English & Media Studies
Massey University  │ Private Box 756 │ Wellington 6140 │ New Zealand
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